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                                        CONDUCTING AN EXPERT SURVEY WITH THE ASSISTANCE                                          OF EXPERTS FROM STATE AND MUNICIPAL AGENCIES


Koshevoy Oleg Sergeevich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of public administration and regional sociology, Penza State University,
Golosova Elena Sergeevna, Candidate of sociological sciences, senior lecturer, sub-department of public administration and regional sociology, Penza State University,
Seidov Shahrutdin Gadgialievich, Doctor of political sciences, professor, sub-department of state and legal disciplines, Penza State University,

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The article presents the technology of organization of expert survey. The authors reveal the main stages of examination and methods of their implementation, as well as consider a practical example of organization of the expert survey to estimate reliability of the results.

Key words

method, survey, self-appraisal, criterion, the expert, examination, expert survey.

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